Is God For A Presidential Candidate?

The city of Orlando is gearing up for the arrival of President Trump on June 18 when he will come to announce his candidacy for re-election. The Amway Arena is booked, security details are being finalized, news agencies are trickling in, and more than a few of us are hoping to get a good look at Air Force One on approach. Many, though, believe God is the one gearing up. Evangelical pastors, writers, and supporters in Trump’s camp have boldly declared that Trump is God’s candidate for the office of President. So, is God for a candidate?

When Joshua was leading the Israelites into the promised land he met a supernatural being who called Himself the commander of the Lord’s army. This imposing figure held a sword and, in some way, represented the glory of God. Joshua, ever the military strategist, asked this man a very logical question, “Are you for us or against us?” The figure responded, “Neither.”

What Joshua didn’t understand at that moment is that God is not for or against any of our plans. God is for His glory and our redemption, but no man is important enough for God to be for or against his endeavors here on earth whether they be basketball, business, or a presidential election. The question isn’t whether God is for us, but whether we are for God. As this sank in, Joshua removed his shoes and worshipped.

We don’t ask if God is for a candidate, but if a candidate is for God. God isn’t at the mercy of any man or woman to see His will done in this country. His will will be done whether our leader is Joshua or Jafar. If God was ever going to be for a leader it would have been Joshua leading the Israelites into the promised land, so it is a difficult sell to claim He is supporting a particular Presidential candidate.

Here is what we can say: To the degree that any President submits to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ in his or her life, to that degree God will conform that President to the wisdom of the will of God and bless us all. God’s power is harnessed through submission to His will.

Understanding this allows well meaning Christians to disagree on a candidate, to overlook some flaws in a candidate, and to work hard in support of a candidate knowing, win or lose, God’s got this.

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