Why I Am Starting A Blog

I’m starting a blog. I know I am late to an already over-saturated market. The internet is full of blogs (17,000,000 if the internet is correct). Many of them funnier, better informed and more insightful than anything I will write. Let’s be honest, my parents could very well be the only traffic this blog sees. Still, I’m doing it. Here’s why:

I Want To Become A Better Writer

If you want to get better at anything, you need to practice. I wouldn’t expect to learn fly fishing without practice, so why would writing be any different? I write sermons and research papers frequently, but this medium offers something more. It’s less formal than a research paper and more concise than a sermon. The only way to get better at this type of writing is to do more of it, so I am.

I Want To Write About Things That Interest Me

Sermons and papers draw me in along the way, but they don’t usually begin with a topic I’m already processing. C. S. Lewis, one of the most prolific and impactful writers of the 20th century said this:

Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else. (Notice this means that if you are interested only in writing you will never be a writer, because you will have nothing to write about . . .)”

I have many interests, but I imagine most of what is written on this blog will touch on church and family. I am a pastor at a church I love. I have a wife and four children whom I love. My wife, Angela, and I also speak at marriage conferences frequently. It’s fair to say that 90-95% of my time is spent in one of those two arenas. Makes sense. Don’t be surprised though if something creeps in about travel or Crossfit (the other 5-10%). We’ll see.

I Want To Be More Thoughtful

Thinking about something and writing about it are two different things. When you write you are forced to see the holes in your argument. You are forced to see the strength of your opponent’s argument. Writing will force me to not just have an opinion, but to evaluate that opinion and deliver my thoughts in a way that is concise, convincing, helpful and most of all, loving.

I Want To Leave Something For My Kids

I talk frequently with parents about leaving a legacy through their children. Funny how teaching can bring conviction on the teacher. This blog is in part an effort to leave a legacy for my children. Maybe this blog will allow my children and grandchildren to see how I think, how my thoughts evolved and, most importantly, what motivated me. Writing outlives people.

I Want To Help Others

Again, I have no delusions of grandeur here. However, I do think people I am personally in contact with (family, church, conferences) might read some of what I write. I hope that my passions, my experience and the time I spend working to develop a clear message will benefit anyone with enough spare time to venture here.

I Want Free Therapy

As I write this I am a pastor, have four children (9,7,6 and 2), am in my final 5 months at Reformed Theological Seminary and speak for Family Life. We feel called to everything we do, but it’s stressful. Currently my outlets for stress are some reading in the morning, the gym and the Rubiks cube (credit John Wilson for bringing us into that world). Writing for me is therapeutic and free. Very little falls into that category these days. So, even if no one is ever helped by this blog, I will be.

In years past I would see someone blog and think they were primarily seeking attention or money. I see now that many desired neither. They simply enjoy what they do even if no one reads. That’s where I am and where I hope to stay.

5 thoughts on “Why I Am Starting A Blog

  1. Your mother is very proud of you! I thought your first blog was very good and I look forward to reading your future ones!!!


  2. Jim,
    Good to see men of your positions and character step out on the limb of heralding a message over the digital earth. I’m very much looking forward to it.


  3. Thank you for some very thought provoking articles for your first blog. Its refreshing to have pastors who understand the world in which we live from an organizational and Christian values standpoint!


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