An Orlando Primer

Note: This is an archived article from the old As In Heaven website before it was acquired by The Gospel Coalition. Orlando is a city recently grown up and trying to figure out its place in the world. My maternal grandparents moved here in 1952 when it wasn’t anything more than an orange and cow town with a population of 50,000 filled with crystal clear … Continue reading An Orlando Primer

Fruitful Ministry In A Changing Age

The 20th century, in many ways, represented the climax of Christian influence in the United States as churches established a massive physical footprint, exercised significant social and political power, and sent missionaries to every corner of the map. While there were contributing factors to this rise of Christian influence in the West (mass transportation, telecommunication, urbanization, a strong economy, and a growing sense of American … Continue reading Fruitful Ministry In A Changing Age

5 Signs You’re An At-Risk Pastor

[Originally published at The Gospel Coalition] In the early 2000s, Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru) experienced an inordinate number of morally failing campus ministers. Men and women in various ministries and varied contexts—who’d seemingly followed the Lord faithfully for decades—embezzled money, harbored addictions, and cheated on their spouses. Under the leadership of Marc Rutter, and with the help of Henry Cloud, Cru examined these moral … Continue reading 5 Signs You’re An At-Risk Pastor